This design portfolio includes a small selection of my menswear design projects. Please reach out to me if you would like to see examples more of my fashion design work, be it moodboards, CADs, line sheets, tech packs, etc.




  • ROLE: Multi-product menswear design and CAD-design (tech packs)

Established in 1963, and synonymous with British youth culture, Ben Sherman brand has been a fixture across generations of style movements. It remains a uniquely classic British brand with a loyal following across five continents and a smartness that’s ageless.

“Modern Classics” is a collection of ‘upgraded’ Ben Sherman classics. The range consists of premium menswear essentials that transcend the movement of time, taking on a timeless quality that grants them a ‘must-have’ status.


  • ROLE: Multi-product menswear design and branding

“Westbury Premium” is an upgraded take on “Westbury”, one of Germany’s most loved clothing brands. The Premium range targets a younger and more fashion-forward customer, who cares less about bargains, and more about great value for money. I’ve worked on this multi product range as a sole designer for a year and a half, taking it from an idea to the most successful menswear brand at C&A. Ever since then, Westbury Premium going from strength to strength. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out.

The brand was introduced into C&A stores as a unique “boutique” concept within its stores. The aim was to offer a small range of well made luxurious garments at an affordable price. Attention to detail was priority number 1, so the clothes themselves are simple to make the small details stand out.