As a freelance menswear designer, I get to work on a variety of challenging and exciting projects. I believe that the devil is in the detail, so I like to do as much research as possible before I start the design process.


While in the United States, Ben Sherman came across some remarkable shirts and upon his arrival back to the UK, he believed he could take this new found idea to an entirely different level here. Furthermore, being a visionary, a maverick, an innovator and a real modernist, he was the first person to do toweling shirts during the summer with a desire to always search for new looks which he could advance.

The Mods would luckily adopt the BS shirts which would consequently go to become the signature shirt for 2 Tone, Britpop as well as SKA, and the rest is history.


Usually, Ben Sherman are not connected by either occupation or age group, but by modernism. Whereas they love the heritage and history of this brand, they still are not living in the past since they want innovation, newness, and originality.

Additionally, these customers are continuously enthusiastic of new advancements within the industry and creativity plus are always embracing new technology.


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The first BS shirt was released in back in 1963, and it was all kinds of things, the box pleat, the button at the back of the collar and more importantly the unveiling of great American fabrics.

Moreover, these were fabrics which had never before been put in shirts: candy stripes as well as candy-colored solid Oxfords and never before had Men worn a canary yellow, pink Oxfords or Madras check.

The Mods opted for the BS shirt since it was the first, crisp shirt that had excellent colors with their goal being to dress like how the Italians do. Furthermore, under a parka or blazer, this look was spectacular.

However, not only is the color and fabric outstanding, the fit too was excellent, very slim and with a square hem which you could tuck so that it does not pop out sideways, and of course, all its details.



While the fit is undeniably the key, the fabric is what we usually begin with, and all these fabrics designed on a computer plus the subsequent printouts are spectacular. It is because they offer you a feel of what is about to be manufactured before being out in a loom at the factory.

The fit of these shirts fit you superbly because they are pretty narrow across the shoulder’s top, unlike many shirtmakers who extend the shirt’s shoulders resulting in the shoulder seams dropping down onto the top of your arm. The subsequent look nevertheless does not look sharp.

Additionally, you can get cut a narrow armhole which is reasonably fitted beneath the armpit offering you an exceptional slim sleeve, and the shirt too can be cut slim while remaining relatively straight to your body. Typically, plenty of slim shirts taper it in around the waist region and emerge at the hip; nonetheless, all our shirts remain quite thin all the way through.

Stitch per inch ratio either breaks or makes a quality garment and the interior of a shirt’s side seam should not have any raw edges. However, some makers overlock it with this being a cheap technique of finishing, but this company makes use of a French seam that is attractively clean and flat. Moreover, it has double-stitches for long-term wearability and strength.


Ben Sherman Modern Classics sub-brand was launched in an attempt to raise the brand’s profile damaged by years of aggressive discounting. ‘Modern Classics’ featured well-made ‘hipster-ish’ basics which gave both fashion bloggers and consumers a fresh perspective on the direction Ben Sherman was was headed.

The brief was to design a a Spring/Summer range that took its inspiration from Aviation and the clothing worn by early World War Two pilots. Additionally, it needed to be a seamless continuation of where Autumn/Winter left off. In addition, we’ve added a number of outstanding new pieces and placed more emphasis than ever on fabric and trim quality.

We’ve gone to British Millerain, Japanese Selvedge twills, and Chambrays. Oxford cotton was included as well. We’d combined these classic fabrics with re-imagined traditional garment styles. Contemporary details were enhanced by classic styling.

There are still plenty of the things Ben Sherman are known for – signature  button-down collar shirts, traditional tailoring details, fitted armholes, and so on.

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